What Book Experts are Saying About Kidwick Books.

“Eric Drachman knows how to get the attention of children and adults alike. We laughed with delight when his characters came to life as he told us his tales. A Frog Thing with its delicate pictures stands on its own, but add Drachman and his mix of sound production and storytelling and we were spellbound.”
Valerie Lewis
Hicklebee’s, San Jose, CA

“Wow! Yesterday was just incredible for teachers and students combined! Thank you for providing our students with the opportunity to meet Eric Drachman. It is a visit that will certainly remain a highlight of elementary school!”
Karen Cowden, Library Media Specialist
Anthony Hyde School, Washington, DC

A Frog Thing is a wonderful story of a young frog who wants to learn to fly instead of doing ‘frog things’ like he is supposed to. Beautifully written with fun and vivid illustrations, Frankie the Frog and his story have topped our list of great new children's books. A Frog Thing is truly a fantastic book for all ages!”
Maggie Eldredge-Burns
All For Kids and More, Seattle, WA

“We were charmed by Eric Drachman’s special story time magic.  His unique approach to storytelling incorporates his full cast audio production with live storytelling. Even after hearing all of his stories, A Frog Thing, Leo the Lighting Bug, Ellison the Elephant and It’s Me! children, parents and staff wanted more.  We sold out of all his titles at the event, and Eric’s books continue to be a favorite hand sell for our Children's Department Staff. We are eagerly awaiting more from Kidwick Books.”
Angela Kroner and Vivian Leal
Kepler’s Books, Menlo Park, CA

“It was such a pleasure to welcome Eric to Third Place Books in the Fall of 2006. As the bookstore known for great kids’ events, our customers arrive for author events with great expectations, and Eric enthralled the crowd of toddlers and first graders - no easy task! His stories and presentation are so engaging, and the kids loved hearing the personal anecdotes about his family and how they became part of his story. Our staff is enchanted with Eric and would welcome him back to Third Place any time!”
Cheryl McKeon, Children’s Events Coordinator
Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, WA

A FROG THING has been flying out of our store--mainly because we love to recommend it. A perfect match of words (both written and heard on the fine cd) and charming illustration with a poignant friendship theme make A FROG THING irresistible.”
JoAnn Fruchtman, Owner/Buyer
The Children's Bookstore, Baltimore

“This is a truly enjoyable tale of Frankie the Frog, who wants to fly and who finds a way, by accident, to do just that. The illustrations are soft and beautiful.”
Brenda Spratt
Books on First, Dixon, IL

“These books are innovative, cute, unique, and fun to read! Plus, I can take them internationally because they are enjoyed by people throughout the world.”
Jan Nathan, Director
Publishers Marketing Association

“Working with Eric and Kidwick Books is always a delight! His dedication to publishing books and CDs of the highest quality is matched by his talent as an author and storyteller.”
Lise Friedman, Events Coordinator
Dutton's Brentwood Books

“Eric Drachman has introduced to children's literature three of the most entertaining and delightful new characters. From Leo the Lightning Bug and Ellison the Elephant to the imaginative Princess Finula-Lily, each of Drachman's creations combines the written word, beautiful illustrations, and an aural experience for the perfect reading moment. It is a joy to hear Eric read his books to children.”
Lois Sarkisian, Owner
Every Picture Tells a Story

“Author Eric Drachman & Kidwick Books have created in their books a positive message of personal strength, and the power of individual expression in a fun and appealing way.  They are ‘message’ books that emphasize good stories, engaging characters and charming illustrations without sounding preachy.  Eric seems to have a knack for keying into the way kids talk and think. You can tell he’s still a kid at heart, too. Eric’s live storytelling performances at our store and at various offsite events and book fairs have shown that he knows how to bring stories to life and really connect with both kids and adults. Lively and full of fun, he does a great job of bringing the kids into the stories as participants, not just passive listeners.  His readings are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face.”
Steve Moss , Buyer/Special Events
Storyopolis Bookstore & Art Gallery