Cast - A Frog Thing

(Mouse over the pictures to see and hear our actors in costume!)

Ben DrachmanBenjamin Drachman (Frank) Avid baseball fan and a voracious reader, Benjamin has no qualms about being silly on cue. Read the article Benjamin wrote for his school newsletter about his work on Ellison the Elephant, entitled "When I was an Elephant."

Eric DrachmanEric Drachman (Narrator, Dad, Various Frogs) Eric’s Masters in Acting gave him the tools to delve into some of the complexities involved in playing a big ol’ slimy father frog in this story! Also, he loves making silly noises. For his full bio, click here. For interviews with Eric, click here.

Katharine Gibson DayanKatharine Gibson Dayan (Mom) Katharine’s Masters in Acting from Cal Arts is probably what gave her the chops to uncover the depths and nuance of Frank’s Mom in this story. For her regular job, she teaches English and she wants everyone to know that her voice is not usually so high pitched – blame the sound designer!

Pamela VanderlayPamela Vanderway (Mother Bird) Pamela is a voice and dialect consultant.  She works with a wide variety of talent (including Oscar, Tony, and Emmy award winners.) She was generous enough to share her beautiful voice with us for the role of the mother bird in this story. She is also a big fan of frogs!!

Various Frogs:

Carlos CalejaCarlos Calleja (Frog 1) On one of his recent trips to the west coast to visit his childhood friend, Chloe (Frog 4), Carlos reconnected with Eric Drachman at Kidwick Books, resulting in this happy collaboration. Carlos’ delightful enthusiasm and good manners bring charm and class to the pond!

Julia DrachmanJulia Drachman (Frog 2) Julia loves art and dramatic performance and has participated in several Seattle children’s productions. Her wonderful performance in the Intro. and Tag of this story barely scratched the surface of her talent.

Rebecca DrachmanRebecca Drachman (Frog 3) Rebecca is usually a blur of activity, but slowed down long enough to portray an optimistic little fan of Frank’s in the Intro. and Tag of this story.

Chloe SachsChloe Sachs (Frog 4) Chloe has been a fan of Kidwick Books since the day she was born.  At the age of three, she is thrilled to join the talented stable of Kidwick Books artists. Her hobbies include swinging, running, hopping, shouting and other silliness. She also enjoys preparing gourmet meals for her friends and family.